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The Fearless Woman's Guide to Business

Ameé Quiriconi

Are you interested in being your own boss but doubt, worries, and fear have stopped you? Do you feel unsure about whether or not you can or should make the leap to entrepreneurship? Or, are you already an entrepreneur who is ready to elevate your business and break the six-figure ceiling that seems too good to be true?​Through a combination of data, neuroscience, true stories, humor, and the type of frankness that you would expect from your best girlfriend, The Fearless Woman’s Guide to Business brings you interviews with high-earning, successful women who are here to let you know it is possible to not only be the boss of your business but the Queen of your own empire. Hosted by Ameé Quiriconi, the author of "The Fearless Woman's Guide to Starting a Business: What Every Woman Needs to Know to Be a Courageous, Authentic, and Unstoppable Entrepreneur" this show dives into the secrets and know-how behind real success for women in entrepreneurship.